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Vito Gesualdi

Vito Gesualdi is the owner and founder of, and has served as the Editor-in-Chief since the site’s inception in March of 2010. In addition to keeping the site running, Gesualdi himself records MTGO draft videos under the handle ‘endlesschris’ – helping keep site visitors entertained with his lack of common decorum and frequent play mistakes. His hobbies include writing, comedy and graphic design.  He also controls this here staff page with an IRON FIST OF JUSTICE. Desperately needs to change his MTGO name (endlesschris).

Marlon Egolf
Staff Member

Marlon is notable for being one of the site’s most profilic drafters, with an MTGO account that seems to never turn off. ‘Merl2Perl’ makes it a regular habit to stomp his way through 8-4s, often showing off unique plays worth keeping in mind. Marlon also loves to party, though sometimes he parties so hard he loses his job and cripples his foot and can’t do anything but play MTGO for the next six months. It’s been working so far…

Jon Allen
Staff Member

Jon is always right. No matter what your draft deck ends up looking like, Jon will be right there to tell you what a moron you are and how he could’ve done it better. A solid drafter, ‘Cheetonian’ serves up a regular dose of MTGO vids, that is, assuming him and Marlon don’t get wasted and pass out between rounds (its happened more than once…) When he’s not drafting, Jon does something boring with servers or something. It sounds awful but it pay the bills.

Jeff Greene
Staff Member

Jeff is the most normal guy on the staff, which says a lot. Has a normal job, a normal girlfriend, is pretty good at Call of Duty, plays Vintage, etc. Jeff is also the jerk that bought every single Bitterblossom StarCityGames had at $7 apiece back when the new extended format was announced. Jeff is credited with the idea for, which he came up with after seeing that looked like crap and figured it wouldn’t be hard to make something better. Drafts as ‘Roodypoo’ on MTGO.

Matt Snow
Staff Member

What do we know about Matt? He’s in like a band or something. We also know he has a girlfriend, and that for some reason the state of Massachusetts allows this kind of Magic-playing deviant to teach children! Scandalous! Other than that though, this man is a mystery. Another of our MTGO drafters, Matt has made a name for himself by showcasing an absurd number of cringe-inducing misplays. His skill level does continue to rise however, and he seems to take the criticism in stride. Diakonov on MTGO.

Kevin Hulse
Staff Member

Raised in the wilderness by a pack of feral wolves, Kevin was discovered by government scientists and kept locked in a cage throughout his childhood. At some point he learned to play Magic: the Gathering, and has gone on to shock the world with such notable exploits as the week he agreed to draft every Goldenglow Moth passed to him and still won 90% of his drafts. When he isn’t forcing awful strategies he works at some boring ass computer company and pretends to be a game designer.

Roberto Castro-Mahoney
Staff Member

Roberto is that kid at the game store who always wants to sell you some cards so he can afford bus fare. His play level is actually quite high, and he is sometimes credited as the guy who figured out Spectral Procession was busted hot. Still, he’s yet to make his mark on the Magic world, though if he stops playing Heroes of Newerth every waking hour he might have a chance. pRoberto on MTGO.

Noah Walker

Junior Staff Member

Noah is better at Magic than you ever will be. When Noah isn’t macking on the fly young honeys down by on the playground, he’s busy whupping the asses of top-level pros and scooping up tournament wins like no one’s business. If you get paired against this kid, just give it up. You’ve already lost.

Orion Wilson
Staff Member

Orion is a goddamn star. Actually it’s a series of stars which supposedly forms a picture of some stupid hunter. In addition to having the weirdest picture on the staff page, Orion Wilson also contributes a variety of awesome draft vids, as well as a semi-regular column which teaches you noobs how to play Magic: the Gathering like champs. OKWilson on MTGO.

Staff Member

What do we know about this faceless man? Aside from providing us with excellent sealed coverage and awesome articles about the financial side of Magic, the truth is that this “Eric” is an enigma. Apparently residing in Germany, his work in the “finance” industry (see: Murderborg Factory) prevents him from using his real identity. As DraftMagic’s only overseas corrospondant, we’ll continue to love him until he returns to kill us all. GarethNorsk on MTGO.

Ryan Calfee
Staff Member

Ryan is a pretty cool guy, been playing MTGO since 2001 and doesn’t afraid of anything. When Ryan isn’t playing Magic Cards he’s busy MAKING BABIES with his lovely wife. His first son (middle name Kal-El) is training for the day his unborn brother (middle name Lex) emerges. Meanwhile my kid, Duncan ‘MORE-POWERFUL-THAN-THOR’ Gesualdi gets beat up every day on the bus. Nah just kidding, I don’t have a kid, though if I did I imagine that previous scenario isn’t too unlikely.

3 Responses to “ Staff ”

  1. Navid
    September 6, 2010 at 11:44 am

    Hey guys,

    Love the draft vids. How can I record my own drafts and submit them? What do I need, and would they be posted given they are informative and on-topic?

  2. OKWilson
    September 17, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    You do have a picture of me!

  3. Shysti
    October 6, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    We need some diversity among that staff! lol