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Draft Magic’s sailor-mouthed wunderkind Vito Gesualdi takes a break from recording unboxing videos to make a rare 8-4 draft queue appearance. Can he handle this frantic infect action? Fend off the overbearing power of Red White Metalcraft? Or will he be too distracted with thoughts of the upcoming Mirrodin Besieged online release?

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Magic the Gathering Online | A Pure Market Experiment

By Ryan Calfee

I am about to state two very obvious facts:

  1. Magic the Gathering is a game.
  2. Magic the Gathering is a business.

The two facts are bound to one another and that will not and cannot change. Ever. What that creates is a product and a market for that product. So I wanted to view that market as it has played out on Magic: The Gathering Online over the past decade. To see how the model has evolved and whether this experiment in creating a pure market has succeeded.

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Despite triple Scars draft being a dead format, Marlon Egolf is bored. Let his boredom be your entertainment

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Your parents don’t you want to watch anymore videos by that rebellious youth Marlon Egolf. Your parents tell you that he makes a mockery of decent society with his good looks and non-conformist attitude, This compels you to watch even more.

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