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Underplayed and Unappreciated

Six Cards That You Should Be Playing in Commander

By Marlon Egolf

I often have people ask me what deck I’m currently playing in standard or extended, or both. It makes sense that someone who plays a lot of Magic Online, as I certainly do, would be grinding away with various decks in head to heads or daily events or online ptq’s. The truth is that I haven’t played a single match of extended or standard since late last August, when I played in an irl ptq with Naya Shaman. That was the last standard deck that I enjoyed playing, and nothing I’ve seen since then has piqued my curiosity. And don’t even get me started on extended. I loved the old extended format when the sets went back seven years, but now extended is just a mash-up of the past few years of standard, with Valukut/Scapeshift thrown in for good measure. I’m sure that I’ll eventually play another sanctioned constructed match, but for now I couldn’t care less.

That’s all well and good, but the problem here is that I’m still heavily addicted to Magic, and I need something to occupy my time so that I can further put off looking for a job. There’s drafts obviously, but triple Scars is wearing very thin, and often I don’t have the time to sit in one spot for an entire draft. So what does a modo addict in my situation do? I decided to focus my efforts on the format that provides the most fun and deck building options, without having to adjust for a particular metagame or matchup. Of course, I’m speaking of Commander.

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Vito Gesualdi (endlesschris) serves up one of the last 8-4 SOM drafts before Besieged kicks in. This description would be wittier but he’s too busy admiring the sexy new look of our YouTube channel. Could a redesigned site be close behind…?

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Jeff G (roodypoo) takes on his first ever Masters Editon draft for the site. Can he get it done with these old ass cards?
(Sorry for the irregular update schedule this week. Marlon’s on vacation and Gesualdi is a lazy boy…)

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Draft Archetypes in Mirrodin Besieged
by Roberto Castro-Mahoney

(Today is the prerelease of Mirrodin Besieged on Magic the Gathering Online.
Take Berto’s advice and find the deck that will take you to flawless victory!)

New sets always add hiccups to existing draft formats – new interactions, new rules, and new plays. Mirrodin Besieged draft provides an entirely new twist. For the first time in Magic history players will be opening the NEW set first. Yes, in case you haven’t been out of your cave recently (or only play on MTGO), the draft order goes one pack of Mirrodin Besieged, followed by the two packs of Scars of Mirrodin. But you may be asking, what are the implications of this? Does it really matter all that much? The answer however, is a resounding yes.

For the first time you can now attempt to draft a “new-pack archetype” without waiting to see if the cards will show for it later on in the draft, letting players try new things without getting bogged down in two packs of the same old decks they’re tired of playing. It’s always been a problem in the old draft formats, wanting to try something new but not knowing whether it would pan out in those later packs. For instance nothing was worse than taking Pandemonium in Time Spiral block draft only to not see any Whitemane Lions or Stonecloakers in the Planar Chaos packs. However you can now draft the archetype-defining uncommons and commons from Besieged and for the first time build around cards from the newest set instead of crossing your fingers and praying to see the fates line up later. So let’s look at some archetypes that got obvious buffs and nerfs and then try to hit the gap and discover new decks.

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